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ACE-031 also known as ACVR2B, is a soluble form of activin type IIB receptor, which is an inhibitor of myostatin and other naturally occurring proteins that limit muscle growth.  This compound was genetically developed to bind to myostatin before it can attach to its receptor and halt muscle growth.  The two Biopharma companies that worked on this compound are Acceleron and Shire.

What is myostatin and why do bodybuilders want to stop it?

Myostatin is a hormone in our bodies that signals muscles to stop growing and replicating.  Therefore, when you inhibit, or block myostatin, muscles will be able to grow bigger and you will become stronger.  Imagine being able to block myostatin and continue to grow muscle indefinitely – you would be able to become like a super hero.

decoy receptor is a receptor that is able to recognize and bind specific growth factors or cytokines efficiently, but is not structurally able to signal or activate the intended receptor complex. It acts as an inhibitor, binding a ligand and keeping it from binding to its regular receptor. Decoy receptors participate in a common methods of signal inhibition and are also abundant in malignant tissues, making up a significant topic in cancer research



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