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bremelanotide pt 141

bremelanotide pt 141 Bremelanotide (tentative brand name Vyleesi; former developmental code name PT-141) is a peptide melanocortin receptor agonistwhich is under development by Palatin Technologies as a treatment for female sexual dysfunction.

PT 141 ( Bremelanotide) Dosage

so a study was published in 2016 that tested its use on women.  It was determined in the study that a dose of 1.25 mg and also 1.75mg was the dosage to use to improve sexual desire.  This drug is an injection.

What is PT 141?

First and foremost the one thing that you must understand is that PT 141 is still a drug or pharmaceutical in the research and development stage.  It is not a dietary supplement and anyone selling it as a dietary supplement is trying to pull a fast one on you and most likely they are trying to sell you bogus PT 141.


Being that PT 141 is in research and development stage means that the pharmaceutical company Palatin is still working with the FDA to legally sell it with a doctors prescription.  From what it looks like PT 141 is set to be available from a doctor or approved as a new drug in 2019.  But in the meantime, if you do not feel like waiting there are plenty of places you can obtain this research peptide.


bremelanotide pt 141 , sold under the brand name Vyleesi, is a medication used to treat low sexual desire in women.] Specifically it is used for low sexual desire which occurs before menopause and is not due to medical problems, psychiatric problems, or problems within the relationship. It is given by an injection just under the skin of the thigh or abdomen


pt 141

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