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Norco 10mg hydrocodone pills

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Norco 10mg hydrocodone pills

Norco 10mg hydrocodone pills is available in tablet form for oral administration. Hydrocodone bitartrate is an opioid analgesic and occurs as fine, white crystals or as a crystalline powder.


Absorption: Well absorbed following oral administration.
Distribution: Unknown.
Metabolism and Excretion: Mostly metabolized by the liver; eliminated in the
urine (50– 60% as metabolites, 15% as unchanged drug)

How to buy Norco 10mg

NORCO 10/325 capsule-shaped, white tablets bisected on one side and debossed with “NORCO 539” on the other side. Each tablet contains 10 mg hydrocodone bitartrate and 325 mg acetaminophen.


PO (Adults): Analgesic—2.5– 10 mg q 3– 6 hr as needed; if using combination
products, acetaminophen dosage should not exceed 4 g/day and should not exceed 5 tablets/day of ibuprofen-containing products; Antitussive—5 mg q 4– 6 hr as needed; Extended release—10 mg q 12 hr; mayqas needed in increments of 10 mg q 12 hr q 3– 7 days. PO (Children): Analgesic (1– 13 yr)—0.1– 0.2 mg/kg q 3– 4 hr. Antitussive — 0.6 mg/kg/day divided q 6– 8 hr; (maximum doses 2 yr: 1.25 mg/dose; 2– 12 yr: 5 mg/dose; 12 yr: 10 mg/dose)

Side Effects

Noted for hydrocodone only; see acetaminophen/ibuprofen monographs for specific information on individual components CNS: confusion, dizziness, sedation, euphoria, hallucinations, headache, unusual dreams.EENT: blurred vision, diplopia,miosis. Resp: respiratory depression. CV: hypotension, bradycardia. GI:constipation, dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting. GU: urinary retention. Derm: sweating. Misc: physical dependence, psychological dependence, tolerance


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