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Regenon 60 mg retard buy regenon retard


  • 2 Boxes 15mg
  • 2 Boxes 60mg
  • 3 Boxes 15mg
  • 3 Boxes 60mg
  • 5 Boxes 15mg
  • 5 Boxes 60mg


Regenon 60 mg retard

Regenon 60 mg retard prolonged-release capsules Amfepramone hydrochloride. Amfepramone treatment produced a superior efficacy to decrease body weight than placebo at 3 months (-4.9±0.25 kg vs. -0.7±0.32 kg) and just 6 months (-7.7±0.52 kg vs. -1.1±0.7 kg).

 using and why buy regenon

Regenon 60 mg contains an active substance called amfepramone hydrochloride. part of
category of drugs that reduce appetite (anorexia).  recommended for patients with a weight greater than normal, who failed to
weight loss only with a dietary regimen and also to which another organic cause of obesity  excluded.

recommended that treatment with Regenon retard be part of a more complex treatment of obesity
including diet, physical activity and also psychological counseling.

What REGENON RETARD contains

– The active substance: amfepra hydrochloride. Each prolonged-release capsule contains 60 mg
amfepramone hydrochloride.
The another ingredients : capsule contents – sugar sphere, shellac, ethylcellulose 7 mPas, acid
tartaric, polyvidone K30, talc, anhydrous colloidal silicon dioxide; capsule-gelatin, indigotine (E 132),
erythrosine (E127), titanium dioxide (E171) and also  yellow iron oxide (E172).

What REGENON RETARD looks like and contents of the pack

presented as hard gelatin capsules with red head and yellow body; contain granules of cream color.

Ingredient matches for Regenon retard
Amfepramone Amfepramone hydrochloride (a derivative of Amfepramone).

Amfep , also known as diethylpropion, is a stimulant drug of the phenethylamine, amphetamine, and cathinone classes that is used as an appetite suppressant. used in the short-term management of obesity, along with dietary and lifestyle changes. Amfepramone ; most closely chemically related to the antidepressant and smoking cessation aid bupropion (previously called amfebutamone), which has also been developed as a weight-loss medicine when in a combination product with naltrexone

Chemical names include: α-methyl-β-keto-N,N-diethylphenethylamine, N,N-diethyl-β-ketoamphetamine and N,N-diethylcathinone. Brand names include: Anorex, Linea, Nobesine, Prefamone, Regenon, Tepanil and also Tenuate.

Were Regenon 60 mg come from?

Germany and also Romania




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2 Boxes 15mg, 2 Boxes 60mg, 3 Boxes 15mg, 3 Boxes 60mg, 5 Boxes 15mg, 5 Boxes 60mg

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