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winstrol depot 1 ml Stanozolol buy winstrol


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winstrol depot 1 ml

winstrol depot 1 ml Active Substance: Stanozolol 50mg/ml ,Steroid Class: Cutting Steroid, Brand: Desma, Country: Spain, Commercial Names: winstrol, strombafort, rexobol, winibol, stanolone, stano and also azolol.



Winstrol is given in doses of 25-50mg / day for the injection and 15-25mg / day for the oral. The injectable variant has a better effect than the oral one and also has a better quality ratio. In case of injection, doses of 100 mg once every 2 days can be taken to reduce the number of injections. consequently the recommended dose for women is 5mg / day.

Generic names

generic name of stanozolol in English, German, French, and Japanese and its INNUSANUSPBANDCF, and also JAN,

Brand names

Anaysynth, Menabol, Neurabol Caps., Stanabolic (veterinary), Stanazol (veterinary), Stanol, Stanozolol, Stanztab, Stargate (veterinary),

Stromba, Strombaject, Sungate (veterinary), Tevabolin, Winstrol, Winstrol Depot, and also Winstrol-V (veterinary)


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10 vials 1 ml, 20 vials 1 ml, 30 vials 1 ml, 40 vials 1 ml


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